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Corruption amongst Hindu gurus - Vishwananda bought Mahamandaleshwar title for 30.000 USD

Devotees live in the ashram with sincere efforts while their corrupt guru buys some high priest title in India.

He gained much respect in the Indian Hindu community when he became the first Mahamadaleshwar (Mahamandaleshwar: superior of great and/or numerous monasteries) from outside India in the year 2015. Yet was it not just some game by the guru we are not aware of? He looks like a guru and he acts like one. Vishwananda orders his Christian devotees to do something and they immediately run doing it for him. They consider him as god. They were also told that getting the Mahamandaleshar title would cost him 30.000 USD and everybody would just nod the head in awe. They had to stay loyal and surrendered as much as possible. Everybody in the ashram knew at the time of the Mahamandaleshwar initiation that Vishwananda paid 30.000 USD to Shri Satua Baba Santosh Das from Varanasi who used his connections within the Vaishnava akharas (akshara: ascetic order) to get Vishwananda the Mahamadaleshwar title (2nd highest guru title in India). The blood money was a secret guru dakshina (dakshina: offering) to the akshara. Everybody in the ashram would remember how Santosh Das initially got weak and kept the money for himself. He would not want to bribe the sadhus of the Nirmohi Ani Akhada to get Vishwananda the title. Santosh Das eventually gave in and provided the money which he first pocketed to the respective akshara as promised to Vishwananda. The friendship between Vishwananda and Santosh Das lasted for 2 years until then. For corrupt gurus it is all about the benjamins, or as a rap song goes Dolla Dolla Bill Y'All. Let's go and buy a saint title. Easy money.

Kumbh Mela 2013: Vishwananda and Santosh Das who took over the Sri Satua Baba ashram 
in Varanasi after the venerable Shri Satuwa Baba Maharaj died at the of 99 (1913-2012).

Every sincere guru would never buy a title for himself. The title is given free of charge once the guru meets certain criteria. After Vishwananda bought the Mahamadaleshwar title he immediately ordered his devotees to build ashrams in the countries which everybody knows failed until today. The rich Swiss devotees suddenly started to move about and look for a house to be used as an ashram, but yet they never purchased anything. Besides, where are the brahmacharis who would live there? The Russian ashram has failed until today which is just a big house of a rich devotee. In addition, Vishwananda was banned from visiting Russia because his Hindu teachings are not allowed there.

BBC reported about the Kumbh Mela (Kumbh Mela: mass Hindu pilgrimage to bathe in a holy river for purification of sin) giving Vishwananda some credit. What did they know what they were streaming in 2013? With real investigation they could help to cleanse the guru system as Satyendra Das mentioned when Nithyananda was not added to the list of the 14 fake babas in 2017 by the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad. The Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad (or All India Akhara Parishad) consists of 13 akharas whereas seven are of Shaivism, three of Vaishnavism and one of Sikhism. The fake babas list of the Parishads is supposed to recover the image of the sadhus after various self-styled godmen were arrested on criminal charges not too long ago. The Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad also oversees now who will get the title of saint and will observe the lifestyle of people before giving them this title. Nithyananda was initiated as Mahamandaleshwar by Mahanirvani Akhara at the Allahabad Kumbh in 2013 and was criticized by the other akharas who claim that Nithyananda gave a 'secret guru dakshina donation' to the Mahanirvani Akhara to get his title. Besides he was charged for rape in 2009. In the year 2008 Vishwananda's organisation experienced its big sex scandal. This exhibits how similar both Nithyananda and Vishwananda actually are.

Yes, 'Just Love' between these two.
Vishwananda visits the tent of Nithyananda during the Kumbh Mela in 2013

At the latest now all of the Bhakti Marga devotees should start to wake up and leave this corrupt guru. But no, they probably sit in the Babaji cave of the ashram and faithfully do their japa rounds. Most importantly they keep the faith alive, right. And if you still need more inspiration by Vishwananda, please try to get the wisdom of the following statement which the guru revealed during his Mahamadaleshwar initiation: 'In spirituality you learn to accept yourself as you are because God did not make any mistake in creating you.' Get it? Let's go jump from the cliff, the guru wants it. In Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi it is written how Babaji asked a potential disciple to jump from the cliff to test his faith and surrender to him. Would we not also do it for 'Mahamadaleshwar' Vishwananda?

Sources: (Kumbh Mela: The Greatest Show on Earth 2013 - see at 34:45min & 53:35min)

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Paramahamsa Vishwananda responsible for schism of Apostolic Orthodox Church

As was reported before Paramahamsa Vishwananda from Springen (Germany) keeps misleading Christians from all over the world. He was ordained as Bishop Michael of Hesse and Bihar and therefore is part of the Apostolic Orthodox Church in Moscow. Various Bishops of the Apostolic Orthodox Church disagreed to support the activities of the Metropolitan Vitali Kuzhevatov and decided to separate from him by establishing a new church. They decided to do so because of the Metropolitan participating in 'occult magical practices' and him 'co-serving' with 'the head of the neo Hindu movement Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda' which is regarded as 'fraud and deception of all believers'.

Vishwananda as Bishop Michael of Hesse and Bihar during a consecration
service of the Bhakti Marga church in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Russia

Below you will find the original text as posted by the Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church (COAC) on social media:

The division between our autonomous Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church (COAC) and the Apostolic Orthodox Church (AOC) which is headed by Vitali Kuzhevatov.

We hereby would like to inform you that the autonomous Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church (COAC) (which initially was called Bishopric Synod of the Apostolic Orthodox Church) was established in March of 2018 by Bishop Simeon and Bishop Roman which was done in accord with the canons 89 and 90 of AOC (=Apostolic Orthodox Church):
Three bishops or more (under exceptional circumstances there can bе only two bishops) who oversee clergy and various communities have the right to unite in an autonomous church. That is a unification that is part of the Apostolic Orthodox Church and which submits to its Holy Council but remains independent regarding internal governance. The Autonomous Church follows its own rule and creates a particular body of governance that assists the bishops in their archpastoral duty. 

Due to unacceptable matters of the AOC (Apostolic Orthodox Church), especially the ordination (cheirothesia) by Metropolitan Vitali Kuzhevatov of the AOC of new priests and bishops, who pursue magical, occult practices, in which Metropolitan Vitali Kuzhevatov himself participates, the church decided to separate. 

In March 2018 the Autonomous Bishopric Synod of the Apostolic Orthodox Church (now COAC as introduced above) broke the Eucharistic Communion with the AOC headed by Vitali Kuzhevatov ( The public co-serving of Metropolitan Vitali Kuzhevatov of the AOC with the head of the neo Hindu movement Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda who previously was ordained into priestly orders as Bishop Michael by Vitali Kuzhevatov is fraud and deception of all believers.

The "Orthodox Church" in Orekhovo-Zuyevo in truth is the center of the international Hindu sect Bhakti Marga headed by Paramahamsa Vishwananda.
In the year 2015, this "guru" was acknowledged as Mahamandaleshwar ("the one who supervises many ashrams and temples, the guardian and the pillar of Hindu faith") by all four heads of the Vaishnava sampradaya (spiritual lineage).
His biography does not only state that he "can unite with the Great Reality at will," but also mentions his abilities to materialize objects, money, as well as give birth to lingams (egg-like objects). Carrying out his activities on the territory of countries alien to Hinduism, in full accordance with the philosophy of bhakti and the tradition of polytheism, he recognizes and honors the "local gods" and "saints."
In Christian countries his position as a Christian bishop and the rituals in “adoration of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary” allow his followers to overcome the cognitive dissonance between their native religious and cultural tradition, and the Hindu doctrines propagated by him. 

Later other clergy members of the Apostolic Orthodox Church (AOC) and lay people joined our Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church (COAC).
In October 2018 after the Council of the Bishopric Synod of the Apostolic Orthodox Church in Moscow (, the autonomous Bishopric Synod of the Apostolic Orthodox Church was renamed to Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church (COAC) (
Currently, the Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church (COAC) is the custodian of the canonical heritage of the historical Apostolic Church (AOC).

“But as for those persons, on the other hand, who, on account of some heresy condemned by holy Councils, or Fathers, withdrawing themselves from communion with their president, who, that is to say, is preaching the heresy publicly, and teaching it barehead in church, such persons not only are not subject to any canonical penalty on account of their having walled themselves off from any and all communion with the one called a Bishop before any conciliar or synodal verdict has been rendered, but, on the contrary, they shall be deemed worthy to enjoy the honor which befits them among Orthodox Christ­ians. For they have defied, not Bishops, but pseudo-bishops and pseudo-teachers; and they have not sundered the union of the Church with any schism, but, on the contrary, have been sedulous to rescue the Church from schisms and divisions.” For, “And in general we forbid all the clergy who adhere to the Orthodox and Ecumenical Synod in any way to submit to the bishops who have already apostatized or shall hereafter apostatize.“ (Canon 3 Third Ecumenical Council)


(click on picture to enlarge)
Vishwananda is the 11th bishop listed as 'His Grace Michael, Bishop of Hesse and Bihar'
(Его Преосвященство МИХАИЛ, епископ Гессенский и Бихарский) on the official AOC website


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Monday, May 13, 2019

'I was close to death' - Does Paramahamsa Vishwananda control minds through hypnosis?

The article will outline what hypnotic mind control means as it is applied by guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda from Springen in Germany who uses his supernatural powers to hypnotise or control his followers. It will also show up how the free will and one's personality are challenged or completely taken, if the cult leader applies such methods on his followers. It will be examined what a parasitic guru means and what the 3 Steps of Gaining Control of the Mind as published by Kurt Lewin and Edgar Schein mean. We will also learn about the BITE model as was described by Steven Hassan in his Combating Cult Mind Control book. The article eventually will be concluded by a statement of a former brahmachari (monk) of Bhakti Marga who went through difficult times after having left the Bhakti Marga organisation. The article was written to educate spiritually interested people and ask serious questions before committing to a guru.

What is hypnotic mind control?
The word hypnosis is derived from the Greek word hypnos ’sleep’ and the suffix -osis ’put to sleep’. And mind control, also known as brainwashing, is defined as the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. Hypnosis is the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction. One enters an altered state of consciousness, or a state of trance. It is a mental state or an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, in which a person's thoughts can be easily influenced by someone else. More and more of your attention becomes focused on what's happening inside and less on what's happening outside. You become much more aware of your own thoughts, internal images and feelings, and less aware of things going on in your environment. In normal consciousness the attention is focused outwards through the five senses, in a trance one's attention is usually focused inwards. In other words, one loses free will if being under hypnotic mind control.
Psychic manipulators create dependency in their followers, making their decisions for them while allowing them to think that they are independent and free to decide. The individuals being mind controlled and hypnotized are not aware of the influence process, nor of the changes occurring within themselves. The description above perfectly fits the practices of Paramahamsa Vishwananda who applies telepathic hypnotic mind control on his guests and devotees - the problem is, most of them don't know it. Paramahamsa Vishwananda who has psychic powers is capable of keeping a person under hypnotic mind control around the clock 365 days a year if he wishes to.

What are the effects of hypnosis?
During the trance state the ability to think logically and critically diminishes. One accepts any information that is given to him or her, without thinking if it is rational and reasonable or not. People in a hypnotic trance are suggestible, which means that they accept anything for them. Even strong willed people can be hypnotised and made to do things that they would normally not do. This is a big plus for cult leaders who manipulate their followers. It is the worst scenario if the cult leader has developed psychic skills to manipulate minds and keep them under hypnotic control. Because of this reason monks of Paramahamsa Vishwananda regularly serve the sexual needs of their guru and don't speak up. In addition they have never been homosexual before but always have to attune to the guru's will.

What is a parasitic guru?
Every parasitic guru loves the hypnotic power that enables him to manipulate their followers. They justify their manipulation for the purpose of breaking down the ego of the devotees. The gurus who fall into that category are the most deluded of all, because they are consciously deluding themselves, as well as their devotees, by justifying their emotional parasitism and sadomasochistic guru-disciple relationship in superficially spiritual terms. The parasitic delusional guru makes grand narcissistic claims about themselves and their status of enlightenment or avatarhood (note: only Hindus can claim being an avatar according to Paramahamsa Vishwananda). Abusive gurus are almost always highly charismatic, emotionally immature and parasitic sociopaths suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), and have a co-dependency with their disciples and devotees. The Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder with a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. They often take advantage of the people around them. A parasitic guru feeds off the energy of his followers and sleeps with his followers behind closed doors. The abuse can be physical, sexual, financial, emotional and psychic. He has psychic powers but uses them in egoistic ways. The parasitic guru can connect to you through highest consciousness (impersonal) and at the same time project his own unresolved needs and desires (personal) which can lead to a lot of confusion in you. Once the guru‘s manipulative tentacles are hooked onto you, they can exert undue energetic and psychological influence to make you feel selected and special, to deprive you of your free will and make you think of him 24/7.

What are the characteristics of a parasitic guru such as Paramahamsa Vishwananda? 
  • Sexually abusive behavior, e.g. tantric practices with a large number of brahmacharis/ monks
  • Acting or teaching one way in public and another in private, e.g. justifying sex with celibate disciples as Paramahamsa Vishwananda does
  • Narcissistic behavior, e.g. serve alone the guru who needs admiration
  • Using insulting words or other abusive behavior to 'break down your ego'
  • Taking advantage of the disciples trust, controlling or forcing them to do something they don't want to
  • Vindictive attitude towards ex-devotees by telling them harsh things, e.g. by leaving the guru their soul will be annihilated as was previously done by Paramahamsa Vishwananda
  • Responding to critics with anger, bitterness, hatred, or mockery rather than love, e.g. psychic attacks on mind and emotions if criticized as is commonly experienced by former devotees of Paramahamsa Vishwananda
  • Demands unconditional obedience or devotion (bhakti), no questioning allowed
  • With time the guru cuts you off from your family or social relationships
  • Depreciate other ways and often referring to other gurus as being proud, unrealized, fake etc. as often done by Paramahamsa Vishwananda
  • Acknowledge their own teaching alone as valid
  • Teach you to neglect your family, professional or social life
  • Employ threats or fear. E.g. if you criticize or leave you will create terrible karma and reincarnate many more times what was reported about Paramahamsa Vishwananda many times
  • Take themselves to be prophets or messiahs, e.g. saying that he was King David, Jesus or Yogananda as often done by Paramahamsa Vishwananda
  • Often change teachings (Christianity, Hinduism, etc.)

What are the 3 Steps of Gaining Mind Control?
This three-step model was derived in the late 1940s from the work of Kurt Lewin and was described in Edgar Schein's book Coersive Persuation. 'Unfreezing' consists of breaking a person down, 'changing' constitutes the indoctrination process and 'refreezing' is the process of building up and reinforcing the new identity. In the following we will look into this three-step model to see how it creates well-disciplined cult members.

To ready a person for radical change, their identity must first be shaken up. Their indoctrinators must first confuse and disorient them. Unfreezing is most effectively accomplished in a totally controlled environment (e.g. ashram as Shree Peetha Nilaya). One particularly effective hypnotic technique involves deliberate use of confusion to induce a trance state. Sensory overload can also effectively disrupt a person's balance and make them more open to suggestion. Exercises such as meditation or prayers, personal confessions or interviews and group singing can also aid unfreezing. The person current beliefs, etc. are shaken such that they start to doubt themselves and seek alternative ways of understanding. In Bhakti Marga the guru often initially gives new members to experience something internally. E.g. a wealthy young woman started coming to the ashram and shared the story how Hanuman suddenly started to be around her and protect her. She experienced Hanuman only internally which Paramahamsa Vishwananda should be acknowledged for. Such internal experiences are normal at Bhakti Marga as the guru uses his supernatural powers to recruit new followers constantly.
This part consists of imposing a new personal identity, a new set of behaviors, thoughts and emotions, to fill the void left by the breaking of the old one. Indoctrination in this new identity takes place both formally (e.g. Atma Kriya Yoga courses, darshans, etc. at Bhakti Marga organization) and informally (by spending time with ashram residents, reading and listening to recordings of Paramahamsa Vishwananda). The recruits are told how bad the world is and that the unlightened have no idea how to fix it. Recruits are told, 'Your old self is what's keeping you from fully experiencing the new truth. Your rational mind is holding you back from progress. Surrender. Let go. Have faith.' He hereby casts a net of energetic hooks to produce intense attachments, cravings and addictions in his followers, especially young seekers who tend to be open and naive, to gain control over their mind and body, and ultimately to steal their power and enslave them. All in the name of some noble cause. Human beings have an incredible capacity to adapt to new environments. Charismatic leaders such as Paramahamsa Vishwananda know how to exploit this strength. By controlling a person's environment, using behavior modification to reward some behaviors and suppress others, and inducing hypnotic states, they may indeed reprogram a person's identity.

The recruit must now be built up again as the new man or new woman (often given a spiritual name, speak a new jargon or language). They are given a new purpose in life and new activities that will solidify their new identity. Cult leaders must be reasonably sure the new cult identity will be strong when the person leaves the immediate cult environment. Paramahamsa Vishwananda uses hypnotic mind control to keep the hook alive and intensifies it with time in his new recruits. The first and most important task of the new person is to denigrate or malign their previous sinful self. During this phase, an individual's memory becomes distorted, minimizing the good things in the past and maximizing their sins, failings, hurts and guilt. Special talents, interests, hobbies, friends and family must be abandoned. Refreezing involves fixing the new beliefs into the basic patterning of the individual, making them normal rather than new. Thus the person uses these beliefs and patterns without thinking when faced with relevant situations. After a long enough period of being banned from criticism and not receiving any external encouragement, they will come to accept the new beliefs as normal. The new member is typically assigned to a new duty as soon as possible (seva or selfless service in the Shree Peetha Nilaya ashram or outside of it). The group now forms the member's new true family. Is is after this phase when Paramahamsa Vishwananda starts to invite his monks during the night to have his pleasure, so they stay silent and devoted. Most of them are already monks and are under complete hypnotic mind control of Paramahamsa Vishwananda. Great group pressure is usually exerted on the member to turn over the money and other possessions. This serves multiple purposes. First, it enriches the cult. Second, it freezes the person in the new belief system. Third, it makes financial survival in the outside world appear impossible, thus discouraging the person from leaving. It was reported by different brahmacharis that Paramahamsa Vishwananda angrily pushed them to hand over money and possessions. One extreme example is the case of an American Indian brahmachari who had to travel to south India to get 2 family houses for Bhakti Marga but failed as his uncle was entitled to get the houses. The guru punished the monk and had him leave the ashram for a some months.

What is the BITE model?
Steven Hassan, who is an ex-member of a destructive cult has developed a four-point system which he describes in depth how dangerous cults use mental control tactics to change the identity of the members by controlling the Behaviors, Emotions, and Thoughts of its members and how it further increases its influence by also restricting access to Information (his BITE model).

I. Behavior Control
  • Where, how and with whom the member lives and associates
  • What clothes, colors, hairstyles the person wears 
  • What food the person eats, drinks, adopts and rejects 
  • How much sleep the person is able to have 
  • Financial dependence (brahmacharis at Bhakti Marga get 100 Euro a month, they work full time)
  • Little or no time spent on leisure, entertainment, vacations (daily morning and evening prayers, personal spiritual practice, ashram residents are forced to study what the guru teaches, etc.) 
  • Major time commitment required for indoctrination sessions and group rituals 
  • Need to ask permission for major decisions 
  • Need to report thoughts, feelings and activities to superiors
  • Rewards and punishments 
  • Discourage individualism, encourage group-think (all have to serve or seva only, free-thinking and personal beliefs are only allowed up to a point, so long as they do not contradict central dogma)
  • Rigid rules and regulations 
  • Instill dependency and obedience (read only books about your guru, e.g. Guru Gita as the bible of Bhakti Marga, serve only him, find him in all, blind faith)

II. Information Control
  • Deliberately holding back information (e.g. homosexuality of Paramahamsa Vishwananda which he lives out very intensely)
  • Distorting information to make it acceptable (sex with the guru is okay, he purifies you) 
  • Systematically lie to the cult member (as often reported, the guru lies to followers to bind them)
  • Access to non-cult sources of information minimized or discouraged 
  • No critical information (e.g. Bhakti Marga creates numerous blogs to hide critical blogs or spam commentary sections of various blogs) 
  • Contact with former members not accepted (Paramahamsa Vishwananda is very active to control minds, those who left are traitors and are attacked on mind and emotional levels by the guru himself) 
  • Keep members so busy they don't have time to think (on psychic level) 
  • Control through cell phone with texting, calls, internet tracking 
  • Information varies at different levels and missions within pyramid 
  • Leadership decides who needs to know what 
  • Report deviant thoughts, feelings and actions to leadership (guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda made former devotees confess verbally by pushing them internally in very aggressive ways to say sorry to him, he tortures critically thinking devotees using his powers to e.g. make them kneel down in order to show guilt - he misuses his half developed psychic powers to punish those who think differently, such practices speak of a psychopath and sadist!!) 
  • Extensive use of cult-generated information and propaganda, including: newsletters, magazines, journals, audiotapes, videotapes, YouTube, movies and other media

III. Thought Control
  • Need to internalize the group's doctrine as the only truth (Bhakti Marga with its guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda is the avatar of today who brings the only truth)
  • Good vs. evil 
  • Us vs. them (inside vs. outside) (Ye are the elect, you are Bhaktas) 
  • Only good and proper thoughts are encouraged 
  • Change person’s name and identity (all brahmacharis receive spiritual Hindu names) 
  • Hypnotic techniques are used to alter mental states and undermine critical thinking
  • Memories are manipulated and false memories are created 
  • Thought-stopping techniques (to shut down reality testing by stopping negative thoughts and allowing only good thoughts); thought-stopping techniques include also chanting, meditating, praying & singing 
  • Rejection of rational analysis, critical thinking, constructive criticism 
  • Forbid critical questions about leader, doctrine, or policy allowed (if you criticize the guru, he will punish you instantly on the physical, mental or emotional levels) 
  • Labeling alternative belief systems as illegitimate, evil or not useful (frequent criticizing of other living gurus by the Bhakti Marga guru)

IV. Emotional Control
  • Manipulate and narrow the range of a person's feelings
  • Extremes of emotional highs and lows (which is reported by a large number of former devotees; internal love bombing and praise one moment, then stopping it and dragging you down emotionally and spiritually)
  • Teach emotion-stopping techniques to block feelings of homesickness, anger, doubt 
  • Make the person feel like if there are ever any problems it is always their fault, never the leader's or the group's fault (as confirmed by former Bhakti Marga devotees)
  • Excessive use of guilt (no sex as a celibate monk except with the guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda)
  • Excessive use of fear (as reported Paramahamsa Vishwananda went as far as making former devotees to fear death, reincarnation and much more)
  • Fear of thinking independently 
  • Fear of the outside world 
  • Fear of enemies 
  • Fear of losing one's salvation or self realization 
  • Fear of leaving the group or being shunned by group 
  • Fear of disapproval (indoctrinates inwardly that you can't achieve anything, limiting you to your position only)
  • Ritual and often public confession of sins (public testimony is enforced by the guru) 
  • Phobia indoctrination : programming of irrational fears of ever leaving the group or even questioning the leader's authority. The person under mind control cannot visualize a positive, fulfilled future without being in the group. 
  • No happiness or fulfillment outside of the group (life disasters will occur if you leave) 
  • Terrible consequences will take place if you leave: hell, demon possession, incurable diseases, accidents, suicide, insanity, 10.000 reincarnations, etc. (just as the psychic guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda does internally, attacking mind and emotions) 
  • Shunning of those who leave; fear of being rejected by friends, colleagues and family (reported psychic attacks on those who speak out about the guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda)
  • Never a legitimate reason to leave. From the group's perspective, people who leave are: weak, undisciplined, unspiritual, worldly, brainwashed by family, counselors, seduced by money, sex and other outside things.
  • Threats of harm to ex-member and family

In Bhakti Marga we will not be able to find all of the points but we do see a majority of the elements. This is quite enough to cause members a trauma, especially because Paramahamsa Vishwananda applies hypnotic mind control through his supernatural powers on his ashram residents or brahmacharis and most of his visitors. He does not let go of the mind and emotions at any moment if you live in the ashram and observes you constantly. Every cultist, no matter what cult they are a member of, completely and fully believes their group is the one and only true way.

Statement of a former devotee who lived in the ashram of guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda
'After the first set of initiations was over which happened very quickly, I have felt how the guru has taken full control of my mind, body and emotions. Being there in the ashram, I often felt separated from anything what was happening externally. I started perceiving only my internal thoughts and emotions, which the guru controlled and influenced constantly, but nothing outside of it. Because the guru established a strong psychic connection, I have realized that he started stealing my energy and I would often feel drained of all energy. The increased personal charisma, influence and occult abilities in tantric gurus as this one can result in stealing from sexual and creative energies of his devotees. At some point I have clearly understood that the guru was utilizing hypnotic mind control on me. During the thinking process, I noticed, he is able to influence your thoughts and change them as he wishes it. He can make you forget the thought you had some seconds ago. When I would try to rid myself of this influence, he would apply more force especially on the head. He forces you to stay inside by even harsher influence which you were not able to escape. It was clearly too aggressive and always felt heavy what the guru was doing. At times you would feel how he gives you pain in the temples of your head, just to close up all critical thinking. He would often provoke me internally and cause me to be angry. In such moments you would frequently feel pain in the third eye which he pressed harshly to control my thinking. It was permanent hypnosis all over my being, he completely dominated my consciousness. In this state one has lost free will. There were days where the energy imposed on me was so strong, that I was shaking. Fortunately the heavy energy would not last for too long and the shaking would cease after some moments. I felt like some aggressive monster with psychic abilities would pour a heavy energetic stream on me. I have never felt fear in my life before until these situations started occurring. There were moments when he went that far to make me feel the pain of the loss of my family members. Nothing was more extreme than to feel this emotional pain inside caused by this guru! Even though I have managed to leave the ashram, he continued to enforce behavior of the ashram which I had learned there. He would force me to do e.g. the food prayer before eating which I had learned while living in the ashram. All the charisma and smiling of the guru what you can see is simply fake and not real, it is just what you can see on the outside. People think they can smell his divinity not knowing that he puts a lot of tulsi oil on himself. It is well known that this guru regularly meets his boys to watch the newest US series and at the same time claims to be a realized master.
Usually religious or spiritual people are often heard to be saying that god or god through a master will protect you. This guru however harms and brings you in bad situations because of his psychic dominance over you. He does not care to protect you except to harm you because you grew up and started having a different opinion than the rest of his brainwashed devotees. I have understood that all of this is conditional love, not the unconditional love the guru speaks of so often. He is in constant need of sexual attention by his monks which clearly underlines the conditional love. His cousin from London who visits the ashram every now and then sleeps in the room next to the guru who welcomes his monks during the night. It seems it is the most normal thing that the guru exploits his monks sexually in one room, whereas his cousin with wife and little daughter sleep in the other room. If you follow a tantric guru, you will have his sexual desires in you which will add to your own normal sexuality. The guru overruns you with his strong influence leaving you no time or choice to take your own decisions.

One of my experiences in the ashram was when the guru once told me to undress completely which confused me a lot. I had so much faith that I thought he is testing me in some ways and wants to take away my shyness. So I undressed and noticed how he looked at my genital. After a few moments he told me to dress up. Only later did I realized my mistake.

While living in the ashram it was often said that the guru always gets whatever he needs. In other words he would manipulate people wherever he traveled to get things for himself, e.g. by manipulating Christian orthodox priests to get relics and much much more. Only through maturity and experience did I understand the evil core of it. He simply takes the freedom to manipulate minds to get his ways and people respond accordingly by providing the thing.

After some time in the ashram, I finally decided to undertake my first trip to visit my friends in Switzerland and also explore north Italy for the first time. I was able to visit my friends, but only because I was able to overcome intense control of the guru which I firstly started feeling during my first exit from the ashram. I have to add that during this trip I was not critical of the guru, since it was still in early stages that I have become a devotee. I have understood that he did not want me to do anything outside the ashram except by his permission. The guru has lied to me that I will continue travelling and even do it more than before. That is why I initially stayed there. Even though one gets told that he or she can freely go on trip, it turned out that the guru himself does not want you to exit the ashram and only focus on the service. I have also understood that seeing my friends was not in favor of his mission as they were on a different spiritual journey and might have influenced me differently. While at the place of my Swiss friends I decided not to visit north Italy because of the influence and returned to the ashram still thinking that things will turn out well.

I have seen many times that the guru was wearing a sacred thread (janeu) across the shoulder which is only worn by brahmacharis (Hindu monks). A brahmachari is one who observes chastity or celibacy, and is someone who is attempting to realise Brahman (god). The guru of Bhakti Marga is clearly not a brahmachari and has most of his brahmacharis visit him alone during the night to have sexual interaction. The monks are not aware of his homosexuality when they take their vows. They only find out about his sexual desires once he starts inviting them. In my opinion the fact that he is a homosexual guru should be made more known to the public not to have a bad surprise afterwards that he is a tantric guru who lives out his homosexuality fully. In other words he does not follow his own teachings and initiates brahmacharis only to be able to call himself a swami. It is an dishonor to all those brahmacharis who strive for a life in purity in order to reach god. He is clearly fooling all the westerners.

I remember how the Brazilian Swami at the ashram once spoke about the issue which so many visitors often expressed why the guru would always make himself look good, having all kinds of jewelry around his neck, earrings, always well perfumed and often add some make-up on his eyelashes. The guru told him that it is a test to the visitors and that he does it to please his followers. One does not need to be very smart to understand that this explanation is completely fake. It clearly speaks for him being a narcissist and not a humble person. He rather expresses sex appeal by applying all of this external beauty than internal purity. People who look at his pictures on the Internet should not fall for him because of his external look but ask the question why a spiritual guru shows so much attention to his outside appearance.

Another experience happened unexpectedly. Once while I was sleeping the guru using his psychic skills played with my anus energetically which made me wake up in the middle of the night with a big scare. I had no doubt that it was the guru. After realizing what had happened, I felt disgust and went to the bathroom to throw up.

On another account during the New Year's Eve celebrations it so happened that I stood some little distance behind the guru who sat on a couch with one of his Swamis in front of me. When he turned around he probably did not expect to see me. In this moment I have felt how he suddenly gave me a psychic 'punch' on the head. I was shocked and returned back to my ashram room with a big headache. It was scary to realize that he was capable of doing this.

Straight after I left the ashram to restart a normal life, I was advised to share my thoughts with the guru and send him a message. Please note that it is normal to interact with this guru via SMS or WhatsApp, especially if you are a male devotee or resident of the ashram. I decided to confront him about a few things including his harsh psychic influence on me. The whole situation forced me to approach him because it became more than unbearable. I have felt his harsh reaction internally when he read the SMS but nothing had happened that evening. On the next day however he started to bombard me psychically to that extent that it would have me lie flat on the bed for around 2-3 days without any power to do anything. There were extreme moments where I felt I was close to death having no life energy to continue. He even went a few times into my respiratory tract to disturb my breathing just to scare me, to adjust all critical thinking about him and to accept him as my guru again. The sickness lasted for more than 3 weeks which made me unable to fulfill my obligations. Of course did I realize afterwards that it was a huge mistake to listen to the advice and send him the message. But without any doubt I got my confirmation that the guru is a complete psychopath and would do anything to protect himself. He does not meet criticism or any other opinion of him with love, but only knows how to defend himself using his supernatural powers. A real saint endures everything as it comes and does not misuse powers to be harsh to anybody. He exhibits a very sensitive ego and always responds with a 'retaliatory attack'.

Lastly I would like to say that all of the aforementioned is based on my personal experiences. The guru was fully in my consciousness and could direct my thinking and feeling as he was pleased. Often it was very confusing and misleading, but the influence remained being harsh and heavy. It has damaged me as a person more than any possible physical injury can ever do. After I have left the organisation, he continued to keep me under his hypnotic mind control, even though I have not been a monk or devotee anymore. He often used to say to his monks and nuns that the doors are always open to leave but obviously does not keep his word. I have spoken to two persons who have left this guru both more than 10 years ago (most probably during the scandal in 2008). One man said that it took him around 7 years until these 'black magic attacks', as he described it, have stopped. He added that sharing experiences he had with the guru was impossible, since the guru would return the attacks on him. He was a former monk living in Steffenshof, the first little ashram of the guru. The other person was a woman who shared similarly to the man that it took her more than 7 years until the connection and attacks were gone. She refused to speak too much about the guru as she feared the attacks to come back. I hope that my experience can be a valuable lesson to many others who consider to visit the guru. People have to trust those who have gone through painful experiences. And there were many many others who left this monster because of some kind of abuse but they kept their mouths shut fearing the guru. People should be scared of psychic gurus as this one, but they still fall for him. Being under the guidance of this guru, one feels his limited world and cannot grow on the spiritual path at some point. One of the main reasons why people in the Hindu tradition look out for a realized spiritual guide is to reach self realization and freedom from all karma. Siddhis (spiritual powers) don't make a soul a freed and self realized person, they can be an obstruction for the guru as we have learned now. The ego and pride of this guru are clearly seen in his practices, exposing him being not an evolved guru. I have understood that until somebody can give freedom to others without manipulating and corrupting them, one cannot be free himself.' 

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Nightlife of a Yogi - Paramahamsa Vishwananda the Powerful Charlatan

Experiences of former Brahmacharis (monks)

It has to be made clear that the article is not written against homosexuality in any way. It is also not written to revenge the guru. The only intention is to inform especially young spiritually interested men about a gay guru and his actions. The article will illustrate practically in detail how the guru works on the physical and spiritual planes. Some former brahmacharis took courage to share their experiences which they had with the guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda in private. In case the reader does not have knowledge and belief that supernatural psychic and other abilities exist, he or she should not continue to read any further.

Attention - Be careful to become a brahmachari (monk) or follower of the Hindu Bhakti Marga activity which mostly spreads in European countries. Bhakti Marga was founded by the homosexual Hindu guru Paramahamsa Vishwananda from Mauritius (born in Rose Hill) in the year 2005 in Germany, experienced its big breakdown in the year 2008 due to homosexual activities of the guru, but continued to exist up until today. The followers of the Hindu sect consist mostly of Christians from Europe.

Picture of Paramahamsa Vishwananda

'The guru influenced his mind wanting him to believe that he is
the reincarnation of Yogananda.'

One former brahmachari of the sect who stayed at the ashram shared some details of his arrival at the ashram in Springen, Germany. He said that he fell for the strong sensation or influence by the guru and therefore decided to go to the ashram to do seva (selfless service) for some time, which is very common at Hindu ashrams. He remembered when he first came to the ashram that he felt how the guru influenced his mind wanting him to believe that he is the reincarnation of Yogananda (see Autobiography of a Yogi). A real guru would never reveal his past incarnations just like that. If it was true that Vishwananda was the reincarnation of Yogananda, only worthy devotees after many years of service and dedication would receive a blessing as such. But this happened on the first day of his arrival in the ashram. In addition, Swami Kriyananda (a close disciple of Yogananda) wrote in one of his publications The New Path that Yogananda's 'next life on earth would be spent in the Himalayas. (...) Two hundred years would elapse before his next incarnation,' which means it would be around the year 2152. Many other visitors of the guru Vishwananda have shared the same information where the guru would use Yogananda to attract as many followers as possible. It must be regarded as evil and a grave sin to use a famous spiritual teacher from the west to accumulate more followers and gain more success.

'On one day it just was as if an octopus had grabbed me and
would not let go anymore wherever I would go.'

The former brahmachari continued to share his internal experiences. He said that he often felt very strongly how the guru influenced his third eye energetically which happened since the very first days in the ashram. Within less than a year the guru pushed the brahmachari to become a resident, learn Atma Kriya Yoga (the Kriya Yoga which Yogananda taught in the west) and very soon become a brahmachari. Later he understood that the guru does not concern himself about the actual desire of the devotee and overrides it by his inner influence. After a while at the ashram he felt internally caught up by the guru, he said: 'On one day it just was as if an octopus had grabbed me and would not let go anymore wherever I would go.' He chose to describe the guru as an octopus because even though he has left the ashram, the guru would reach out with his octopus tentacles to keep him spiritually captive and bully him psychically. In this context, the former monk used the metaphor of an octopus associating it with a creature of aggression and abuse which would rob him of his freedom to think and feel. Because of the intensity of the psychic influence by the guru on him, he knew that the guru was controlling and interrupting his thinking and feeling constantly. The longer he stayed at the ashram, the more he would feel manipulated and feel how his internal peace was fading away. The guru was breaking his self-control in order to control his mind and even emotions. He was feeling how he was becoming a spiritual prisoner of the guru.

'Vishwananda made a big thunder resound in his mind which in the
kriya yoga tradition and Hinduism is regarded as the final sound just before liberation or self-realization which one only hears after long and intense spiritual practice.'

He continued to remember his first weeks at the ashram and said that Vishwananda made a big thunder resound in his mind which in the kriya yoga tradition and Hinduism is regarded as the final sound just before liberation or self-realization which one only hears after long and intense spiritual practice. He did not understand why the guru made the sound inside of him in the very beginning, except to manipulate him to stay in the ashram. He was not willing to stay in the ashram and always wanted to stay there temporarily, especially because it was his first visit and he wanted to get to know the place. Unfortunately he stayed much longer in the ashram as he first intended.

'The former follower of Vishwananda also recollected how he feared
to bow to the guru but was forced by him to do so anyway.'

The former brahmachari shared his memory where he often had a cloudy state of mind which he never had before. He understood that it only must be the result of following the guru and his influence on his head. The former follower of Vishwananda also recollected how he feared to bow to the guru but was forced by him to do so anyway. Even though Vishwananda speaks about devotion (bhakti), this experience had nothing to do with real devotion. He knew internally, he shared, that it was not the right thing to bow but he was made to anyway. He also added that the guru scared him a few times during the night when he woke him up at 3-4am using his psychic powers. He was shocked to know that the guru applied such things a couple of times on him only because he might not have done some duty during the day. After having analyzed his experiences with the guru, he started to understand the human character and psychic abilities of the guru and left the ashram. He felt it was too dangerous to stay any longer.

'Vishwananda implanted thoughts in his mind showing him being his
homosexual servant and partner in a previous life.'

It went different with another former monk who had experienced Vishwananda in private. He said that his first meeting with the guru was prior to a darshan (Sanskrit meaning vision of a deity or divine person - blessing ceremony by the guru) in Switzerland. The guru had asked two young boys and the to-be monk to massage him. Everybody got to massage a body part which surprised him very much by being suddenly so close to the guru. On that day he was introduced into massaging the guru without knowing the intention of the guru. Time had passed when the guru started to call to massage him, now as a monk, during the night to his private room in Springen. While massaging the guru he felt how Vishwananda implanted thoughts in his mind showing him being his homosexual servant and partner in a previous life in India. He even recalled having been dressed in some beautiful traditional Indian garments in the imprinted thoughts in his mind. The young monk was able to discriminate the truth from deception and understood very quickly that the so-called vision which was imprinted into his mind was completely untrue and that the guru only intended to have sex with him who already lived in celibacy in the ashram. He simply knew that he has never been a homosexual servant or partner of the guru.

'The guru acted as if he was asleep, took the monk's hand to touch
with it his own penis which quickly became hard.'

The monk just had very few nightly visits at the private room of Vishwananda. During the same visit when the guru implanted false thoughts into his mind and in the process of massaging his stomach, the guru acted as if he was asleep, took the monk's hand to touch with it his own penis which quickly became hard. His whole world suddenly changed. Even though Vishwananda pretended to sleep, he made the young monk touch his erected genital again.

'Vishwananda acted quickly, the monk added, made him lie down
on the floor harshly and sat on him to have his pleasure.'

After a moment the guru suddenly awoke, started to touch and undress the monk. The young man felt shocked as if paralyzed by the situation and did not know what was happening. He was actively trying to stop what was happening to him. Vishwananda acted quickly, the monk added, made him lie down on the floor harshly and sat on him to have his pleasure. The young man tried to fight the situation but felt powerless to what he was experiencing. After everything was over he dressed himself and went to his room. The young monk traumatized by the experience would never again visit the guru during the night and decided to continue the normal way until he would find the right answer to what had happened.

'The time after the rape he described as hell because the guru would
apply spiritual psychic aggressiveness on his mind and even emotions.'

After the last night with his former guru the monk closed up internally to ever visit the guru in private again. The whole situation changed but he felt a big spiritual dependency of the guru, since some time had passed when he started to follow the guru. The monk stopped practicing Atma Kriya Yoga and knew that he wanted to leave, which would become a big challenge having cut all of his worldly connections with family and friends, also not knowing where to find a job. He realised in this moment how much he was brainwashed that even reconnecting with the normal world would become an enormous effort. The guru changed himself in a negative way towards the monk but still tried to invite him back to his room which the monk denied. The psychic influence became so intense, that the monk could not bear it anymore, it constantly controlled his mind. After more than one and a half years the monk found the strength to leave the ashram to stay with his family. He described the time after the rape as hell because the guru would apply spiritual psychic aggressiveness on his mind and even emotions.

'Vishwananda was making the monk emotionally fear and experience extreme pain
so that he would stop criticizing him.'

Even though the young man had left the ashram, the guru would constantly pressure his head with his psychic influence and control so that the man would automatically emanate the negative psychic energy of the guru around himself. He called it spiritual bullying and compared the whole experience in the ashram to a horse wearing blinkers to prevent the horse from seeing sideways and behind, so it would not startle. In other words, the guru controlled his mind to that extend that his critical thinking was punished instantly by the guru's psychic influence. He was not allowed to think critically of the guru, but only think and act as the guru wished, just as the horse had to run its race wearing some blinkers. The monk also reported that Vishwananda was making the monk emotionally fear and experience extreme pain so that he would stop criticizing him. The monk was deeply pained by these experiences. He was shocked to find out about Vishwananda's sadistic characteristics to torture him and to do anything to keep his thoughts and emotions just as he needed them. One with common sense would understand that to every free human being the doors at all times must remain open to come and leave as desired. Eventually, one has to declare that the guru had tendencies to control everything which leads to the conclusion of the guru being a charlatan and black magician.

Private room of guru Vishwananda (arrow) where the monk experienced his traumatic night
(Am Geisberg, 65321 Springen-Heidenrod, Germany, 3rd bungalow)

'Vishwananda's boyfriend left the private bungalow of the guru and ran shouting at his guru to take him on the trip instead of the brahmachari.'

Another former brahmachari recalled how he was involved into a few personal arguments of Vishwananda and his most favored boyfriend who is now serving as a Swami (priest) in the ashram being from South Tyrol. Because of the arrogance of Vishwananda's boyfriend, nobody would really like him, he added. Vishwananda's partner would always misuse his position being the closest to the guru. On one particular day the brahmachari was invited by the guru on a short private trip and was about to enter the car. It is in that very moment when Vishwananda's boyfriend left the private bungalow of the guru and ran shouting at his guru to take him on the trip instead of the brahmachari. The South Tyrolean acted as if the brahmachari was not present and expressed his wish verbally with a lot of disrespect towards the guru and brahmachari. On another occasion the brahmachari saw how Vishwananda came to the main ashram building (where his boyfriend had a separate room) shouting at his boyfriend to return. It looked very miserable to see Vishwananda begging his boyfriend to come back to his bungalow. The brahmachari was surprised to see a jealous guru who could not keep his emotions contained. The brahmachari later saw a large number of hickeys on the throat of Vishwananda's boyfriend. One can only imagine the scenes between Vishwananda and his boyfriend in the bedroom. It all showed to the former brahmachari that there is a constant selection of devotees in the ashram, where the guru does not act neutral but sides with his many monks who serve him sexually and in other ways. It was noticed that the ones who served him sexually would also travel with the guru on a regular base. The former brahmachari also observed how the guru becomes personal with each and every male arrival to the ashram.

'The African Swami said whenever he was around Vishwananda,
he wanted to have sex with him so badly.'

During a normal workday the brahmachari sat in his office in the ashram to get his work done. As there is a certain ranking, the Swamis initiated by the guru are the highest under the guru himself. They act as representatives of the guru. During the work one of the African Swami's entered his office and started interrupting the new brahmachari during his work. After a while they had a conversation when the African Swami asked whether he too felt a desire to have sex with Vishwananda. The African Swami even started to hit on the monk and touched his legs a few times. The African Swami said whenever he was around Vishwananda, he wanted to have sex with him so badly. Having not known anything of the guru's past, he concluded for himself that the African Swami was not able to control himself or the guru must have an active sexual life. After all, the former brahmachari understood that Vishwananda invokes lustful desires in his followers to enjoy them later in his bedroom.

'Monks and nuns got to experience temporarily a sexual life
while living in the ashram.'

It was also seen in the ashram where Vishwananda would bring monks and nuns together to live as a couple to later separate them and still keep them in the ashram giving them new spiritual names as celibates. He was applying such tantric practices on his monks and nuns to allow them to have intimate relationships, to then break it again. Everybody would understand that these individuals are not made to be brahmacharis, but through the psychic manipulation of their minds, he would enforce their lives as monastics and along the way enjoy his followers during their sex lives in the ashram. It was never heard of an abbot or abbess who allowed his or her monastics to have sex with women or men and still keep them in the monastery. Are these practices not similar to a panderer who procures a sexual partner for somebody?

'It was possible that Vishwananda would push one internally
that two individuals come together to have sex.'

It was also often shared by former followers that Vishwananda often applied astral or psychic mind sex on his followers. He would influence the minds of devotees where they experienced sex on the inside. If you are a follower of the guru, it was a possibility that he would link you with a female or male guest to have sex on mind level. There are many variations of that activity. At times it was possible that Vishwananda would push one internally that two individuals come together to have sex. With many it stayed on the mind level but with others it became a reality. The Brazilian lead singer living in celibacy in the ashram had spent a night with the well known and talented Serbian female singer not too long ago, just to name an example. The woman who was often pressured by the guru to separate from her also Serbian husband, had never given in to separate from her husband. After the night with the Brazilian singer and brahmachari, Vishwananda eventually ordered her to leave the ashram but kept the Brazilian singer who still lives in the ashram.

As a conclusion it has to be said that Paramahamsa Vishwananda is a homosexual predator with psychic superpowers who had escaped punishment until today. There is no doubt of his superpowers which he uses to manipulate and hypnotize his young monks to have sex with him. Before having become monks, they have never been homosexual. Being a monk at Bhakti Marga means being under psychic control of Vishwananda and please him sexually, if he chooses you. The monks do not speak up because they are controlled and manipulated by the guru on mind level. By being critical with the guru, he can cause you a heavy headache, toothache, or just any other form of physical, mental or even emotional pain. The guru can give anybody a sexual erection by thought, if he wants to do so. One will lose being a free mind, one will lose self development and one will stop listening to his or her own heart and intuition, the longer he or she stays under the influence and hypnosis of this guru. His celibates are branded with a Vaishnava sign on their shoulders, where the guru can't claim any lineage from since he has chosen Mahavatar Babaji as his guru (Mahavatar Babaji is not a Vaishnava saint). The guru commits one of the biggest spiritual crimes to mislead children of god by faking his teachings.

Vishwananda was often heard to teach his followers 'Fake it, til you make it' which rather sounds childish exposing him as a fake guru who steals teachings from other gurus. Even little details as drinking cola or even eating fast food which the guru does should not be overseen. A real guru should be exemplary in every way, as the followers take him as an example and start drinking cola and eating fast food as well. With time they would ruin their diets and therefore ruin their health and bodies. The guru speaks often of his 127 past incarnations in the ashram and that each incarnation was somebody well known from the past who influenced humankind positively, but does not know how to control his senses in this life. It must be regarded is foolishness to follow a guru as such, who rather should find himself a normal job and live with a male partner.

As the world moves in a quick pace, the people of today need to be cautious where they ask for spiritual advice. Who can be regarded a real master and holy saint? Is it not somebody who inspires one by his insight and humility, and then leaves you alone so you can actively take steps on your life journey? A large number of former followers felt the limited abilities of the guru and often had to travel to other gurus afterwards to get healing. They sometimes would report that it was a big mistake to start practicing Atma Kriya Yoga. The guru was tested by various individuals who noticed that they were not able to go any further on their spiritual path because the guru was not able to give the things he speaks about with so much pride. He does not have spiritual gifts which real avatars and saints have. There are individuals who have great self-control, but the guru would break that good characteristic in them in order to own them in mind and feeling. This is not true surrender to a spiritual guide, but rather manipulation and control of individuals. He does not support self-development but above all preaches to serve the guru without questioning him.

When Vishwananda was criticized by the South African Hindu community for his homosexual activities many years ago, his brainwashed Swamis from South Africa blindly defended the guru by using the guru's own words saying that Jesus and other saints usually go through rough times and are criticized during their life times. Nobody can change the facts with big words that Vishwananda is a tantric guru who misuses his supernatural psychic powers for his own pleasures and glory. In the Ephesians 5:3 it says: 'But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.' Those who live in the ashram knowing about the sexual crimes of the guru, are as guilty as the guru, especially the Bhakti Marga management. One can search for Bhakti Event GmbH in the German company register ( to find out who supports the guru directly. It is also well known that Vishwananda has stolen relics in Switzerland and Greece. Be careful of fake spiritual leaders of this world, you might meet a charlatan and be tricked into his game. Look for love inside your heart, not outside of it.

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Warning - Swami Vishwananda unworthy of his title

First of all it has to be mentioned that this text is not directed against homosexuality whatsoever. The article below is based on facts and experience of a big number of young men who came in contact with a gay guru, who acts as a spiritual father of monks and nuns. It was not written as revenge but to provide information and freedom to choose beforehand whether somebody wants to visit an ashram/ guru or not. We thank this forum for allowing critical information to be voiced, as it is key in our societies to share experiences to show up possible offenses.

Warning - If you are a truth seeker, want to mediate, learn yoga or in search of a spiritual guide and consider to visit the ashram of Swami Vishwananda from Heidenrod-Springen in Germany, which is situated 1 hour west of Frankfurt/ Main, beware of visiting the ashram and please be mindful of the following information. It is then up to you to proceed with your aspirations or to stay away from this ashram and guru.

Swami Vishwananda who was born in Mauritius

We wish to make you aware of a so-called Bhakti Marga organisation in central Germany which is run under the homosexual guru Swami Vishwananda. His homosexuality is well known and was confirmed by so many visitors of the ashram in Heidenrod-Springen in the past and present. Already in the year 2008 many devotees (followers), amongst them hundreds of Brahmacharis (Hindu monks or nuns who live in celibacy), left him. Some of the brahmacharis who left were even Swamis (priests). The reasons of leaving were obviously his harsh treatment of his followers and his homosexual interaction with a large number of monks at the same time (other articles say that V. maintained a list of up to 15 monks whilst living in his first small ashram in Steffenshof). It is well known that a Swami (abbot) who oversees monks and nuns in an ashram or monastery is supposed to be the most experienced monk living a life of purity and celibacy practicing true love and humility. There can be no exceptions, as only the ones who went through a life of monasticism can show up dangers of it to others and be qualified guides. V. is a self-proclaimed guru who bought his Hindu title Mahamandaleshwar in India. You can read on the Internet that Mahamandaleshwar means 'Superior of great and/ or numerous monasteries'. It says: 'Mahamandaleshwar (or Maha Mandaleshwar) is a title used by some Hindu monks of the Dashanami order of renunciates (swamis) founded by Shankaracharya'.

V. is seen with many pictures of Sai Baba in the background

V.'s biography and development as a guru contradict and changed a lot since he started his career as a guru. Devotees are aware that he followed Sai Baba since childhood having seen him over 30 times in Puttaparthi, India. It was also witnessed and reported by various Sai Baba devotees that Sai Baba had to ban V. from his ashram who showed highly disrespectful behavior towards the guru and the devotees. He was misleading Sai Baba devotees by spreading his own teachings and recruiting them in Sai Baba's Prasanthi Nilayam ashram, where we know he was very successful with. Being banned by your own guru leads the student to two possibilities. Either the student humbles himself and asks forgiveness or he chooses pride. It is well known what V. has chosen. In addition he started spreading negativity about Sai Baba. Once he arrived to Europe, he would copy Sai Baba fully by preaching unity of religions (see old Bhakti Marga logo with the symbols of the main world religions) and rephrase Sai Baba's teachings. He was still seen numerous times attending Sai Baba gatherings in London and possibly other places in Europe. Many of those Sai Baba devotees later became his devotees because they were e.g. good singers. Very soon he declared that Mahavatar Babaji is his guru, known from the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda. He even changed the story where he had eaten some poison at the age of 4 and Sai Baba appeared to him to save his life. The savior of his new miracle story changed to Mahavatar Babaji. Not too much time had passed when V. started copying Yogananda's Kriya Yoga, calling it first Bhakti Kriya Yoga, which people would not want to learn initially, until he changed the name to Atma Kriya Yoga. He is also claiming to be a Sri Vaishnava but at the same time says that his guru is Mahavatar Babaji who has nothing to do with Sri Vaishnavism ( One cannot check with Mahavatar Babaji whether V. is his disciple, since Mahavatar Babaji is a mysterious and mythical figure. Therefore it is easy to be a self-proclaimed guru and fake a lineage from Mahavatar Babaji. Besides, for Vaishnavas it is regarded as the most severe guru aparadha (highest guru offence) to leave one's guru and talk bad about him. During the process of establishing or searching for some kind of Hindu teachings of his own, he was trying to become a Christian bishop. He started off by being baptized into a Catholic Christian, but eventually changed to Orthodox Christianity some years later, to be able to become a Bishop of the Apostolic Orthodox Church in Moscow (a small church with a small number of members). The Apostolic Orthodox Church of course would not mention Bishop Michael of Hesse & Bihar (his Bishop name he received) anywhere on social media, since he mainly represents himself as a Hindu guru. Some of his Russian devotees have helped him in obtaining his bishopric. It has to be added here, that this guru celebrates both Hindu and Christian religious festivities at his ashram. It seems that the guru was neither questioned by the two Hindu branches, namely the Self Realization Fellowship established by Yoganada and Sri Vaishnavism, nor by the Christian Orthodox Church. One would also ask why a guru would want to collect all of these titles. After the incident of 2008, it is of big surprise that the German authorities or church still tolerate this cult, where sexual abuse happens.

V. as a bishop during a church service

There are cases of former male brahmacharis who still suffer spiritually and are traumatized after having seen V. in private. All of the cases show similarities. V. calls them often during the night to come over to massage him or spent time with him. Over a period of time he wins their trust, to then seduce, kiss, touch their genitals and eventually, against their free choice and will, has sex with them. It is important to understand that those individuals are young male God seekers (often new to spirituality) who are very naive acting out of respect to a guru who knows his ways. It can be said with certainty that most of the males have never been homosexuals but because of the influence of the guru would accept it. The state of brainwashed devotees of this organisation is shown in the example when some abused monks approached one of the Swamis at the ashram with a question. They asked the Swami why V. would have sex with them. This Swami responded something similar to the words that whatever a guru does is always for the better of the devotee. In other words, one had to show full surrender and blind faith. It shows the conditioned minds of a typical sect where a guru controls the minds and emotions of the followers, where freedom to choose and self-development are taken. After devotees decided to leave, they reported that even though the rape was traumatizing, V.'s psychic attacks and mind control on them afterwards have been equally hurtful, because it would happen frequently. Some still seek for healing and ways to get rid of his heavy spiritual influence on them.

Monks who have taken vows of celibacy in this sect don't know of the consequences. If you are a male Brahmachari living in the ashram, you are under this teacher's direct influence and therefore destined to have sex with him, especially if you are good looking. After a while in the ashram one will go through a brainwash and start worshiping this guru as god. V. builds up a connection with a monk who starts feeling a big dependency and control by him. This is very dangerous if you don't know of the true nature of a guru. It is very harmful, if a spiritual teacher starts abusing his devotees emotionally and psychically. It now comes again to light that V. is a tantric guru (Tantra is an ancient Hindu technique, often misused for sex unification) who constantly seeks gratification in sexual interaction with his monks and possibly other male guests. Many devotees described that V. has the ability to manipulate thoughts and emotions, and has done so to get his pleasures with them. This should be a warning to all and also a call to use discrimination.

Does Swami Vishwananda practice spiritual energetic vampirism?
V. taps into your energy source in the solar plexus (stomach area), some former devotees would share, and drains you off your life energy. During the process one can feel and understand that this is some alien energy which connects with one. Depending on the intensity, heavy breathing can be experienced as if he or she would be doing heavy physical work. The result is, one doesn't have as much energy as one should have during the day to accomplish daily duties. This is called spiritual energetic vampirism. People on the Internet call V. a black magician. He is not rarely referred to as a very powerful tantric guru as well.
Those who do not believe of the existence of psychic vampires should do some research on the Internet. Be knowledgeable and don't shut yourself to things which you might not understand in the beginning. Books have been published about the topic in the past. Albert Einstein said all matter is energy. Even science has proven that everything is made of atoms which are energy. Now there are charlatans who have developed certain skills, or rather have undeveloped skills, know how to tap into the life force and steal energies of mere humans being (devotees) to empower themselves as gurus. Experience of former devotees has not only shown that V. steals your life energy, but also unloads heavy psychic energy on them, using them as some kind of garbage cans to help himself. There are ashram visitors in Springen who confirmed to see a big number of residents who are drained of life energy and happiness. Would you not say that is is extremely dangerous and life threatening? One can fall into chronic depression (especially in combination with mind control), feel chronic fatigue, have bad concentration, loose self confidence and willpower, or even die (former devotee who died from depression after having been separated from her husband by V.: More than a few commented that they had decline in health, just because they would be constantly drained by their former guru. Our life and health depends upon having enough life energy flowing throughout the body.

Call to educate and start prevention work:
It is important to learn to differentiate between a real spiritual teacher who leads a life in purity and humility, and the so-called boda gurus (false spiritual teachers) who, e.g. try to accumulate followers for their own gain and glory. False gurus try to bind people by false promises and spiritual sensation. Once somebody is in it, it can be difficult to rid oneself from the control and influence of a false guru. It can be that they want your life energy, money or gratify their desires. Boda gurus attach followers to them and mislead them because they don't have divinely inspired intentions. Because of shame, fear or other reasons most of the former followers would stay silent, even though they were sexually abused. V. has clearly not respected the choice of individuals whose choice it was to leave and often keeps harassing them spiritually afterwards. It could be that you are not designed to lead a life of a monastic, but would be attached by this guru to follow him and become a monastic.

It is hoped that those who live in or visit the ashram regularly find this information on time and question the guru once again. There are indicators which show up which qualities a spiritual teacher should exhibit. Do you really want to follow a guru who initiates monks and nuns in his ashram but at the same time has sex with his monks and has hurt a large number of devotees in the past? Do you think the guru will not hurt you in the same way he did hurt others, only because you think differently? Is surrender to a guru as such not spiritual slavery and forgetting to use your own mind? Do you really believe the guru can give you what you came there for considering the information given in this article? Find your own questions and answer them, these are just examples. Don’t take the truth the guru suggests you in your mind. It is you who wants to grow as a human and not your guru through you. There is no other teacher but your own soul. Be inspired by great teachers but don’t get attached to them. If you seek god, find him through your soul and not through attachment to a trickster. What benefit it would have if V. changed himself and realized that his skill set as a spiritual guide is not enough and that his spiritual aggressiveness has harmed too many.

This article was written to educate you about possible wrong turns on your spiritual path and to keep you on the right track of your life journey. Don't follow spiritual teachers blindly and ask questions before committing. If you were considering to visit the ashram, don't take these words lightly and stay away from the ashram for your own safety and well-being. Find out for yourself, google and be informed about other cases. If you have experiences of your own, have courage and share them. It will help others to know the truth and stay safe.

Please SHARE the information with your family, friends and other spiritual groups. Those who wish to educate the people in their own language and translate the article, please leave a comment.

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