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Warning - Swami Vishwananda unworthy of his title

First of all it has to be mentioned that this text is not directed against homosexuality whatsoever. The article below is based on facts and experience of a big number of young men who came in contact with a gay guru, who acts as a spiritual father of monks and nuns. It was not written as revenge but to provide information and freedom to choose beforehand whether somebody wants to visit an ashram/ guru or not. We thank this forum for allowing critical information to be voiced, as it is key in our societies to share experiences to show up possible offenses.

Warning - If you are a truth seeker, want to mediate, learn yoga or in search of a spiritual guide and consider to visit the ashram of Swami Vishwananda from Heidenrod-Springen in Germany, which is situated 1 hour west of Frankfurt/ Main, beware of visiting the ashram and please be mindful of the following information. It is then up to you to proceed with your aspirations or to stay away from this ashram and guru.

Swami Vishwananda who was born in Mauritius

We wish to make you aware of a so-called Bhakti Marga organisation in central Germany which is run under the homosexual guru Swami Vishwananda. His homosexuality is well known and was confirmed by so many visitors of the ashram in Heidenrod-Springen in the past and present. Already in the year 2008 many devotees (followers), amongst them hundreds of Brahmacharis (Hindu monks or nuns who live in celibacy), left him. Some of the brahmacharis who left were even Swamis (priests). The reasons of leaving were obviously his harsh treatment of his followers and his homosexual interaction with a large number of monks at the same time (other articles say that V. maintained a list of up to 15 monks whilst living in his first small ashram in Steffenshof). It is well known that a Swami (abbot) who oversees monks and nuns in an ashram or monastery is supposed to be the most experienced monk living a life of purity and celibacy practicing true love and humility. There can be no exceptions, as only the ones who went through a life of monasticism can show up dangers of it to others and be qualified guides. V. is a self-proclaimed Swami who bought his Hindu title Mahamandaleshwar in India. You can read on the Internet that Mahamandaleshwar means 'Superior of great and/ or numerous monasteries'. It says: 'Mahamandaleshwar (or Maha Mandaleshwar) is a title used by some Hindu monks of the Dashanami order of renunciates (swamis) founded by Shankaracharya'.

V. is seen with many pictures of Sai Baba in the background

V.'s biography and development as a guru contradict and changed a lot since he started his career as a guru. Devotees are aware that he followed Sai Baba since childhood having seen him over 30 times in Puttaparthi, India. It was also witnessed and reported by various Sai Baba devotees that Sai Baba banned V. from his ashram who was trying to make Sai Baba devotees as his own. Once he arrived to Europe, he started proclaiming that Mahavatar Babaji is his guru, known from the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda. Initially he would copy Sai Baba fully by preaching unity of religions and rephrase Sai Baba's teachings. V. copied Yogananda's Kriya Yoga, calling it first Bhakti Kriya Yoga, which people would not want to learn initially, until he changed the name to Atma Kriya Yoga. He is also claiming to be a Sri Vaishnava but at the same time says that his guru is Mahavatar Babaji who has nothing to do with Srivaishnavism ( One cannot check with Mahavatar Babaji whether V. is his disciple, since Mahavatar Babaji is a mysterious and mythical figure. Therefore it is easy to be a self-proclaimed guru and fake a lineage from Mahavatar Babaji. Besides, for Vaishnavas it is regarded as the most severe guru aparadha (highest guru offence) to leave one's guru and talk bad about him. During the process of establishing or searching for some kind of Hindu teachings of his own, he was trying to become a Christian bishop. He started off by being baptized into a Catholic Christian, but eventually changed to Orthodox Christianity some years later, to be able to become a Bishop of the Apostolic Orthodox Church in Moscow (a small church with a small number of members). The Apostolic Orthodox Church of course would not mention Bishop Michael of Bihar (his Bishop name he received) anywhere on social media, since he mainly presents himself as a Hindu guru. Some of his Russian devotees must have helped him in obtaining his bishopric. It has to be added here, that this guru celebrates both Hindu and Christian religious festivities at his ashram. It seems that the guru was neither questioned by the two Hindu branches, namely the Self Realization Fellowship established by Yoganada and Sri Vaishnavism, nor by the Christian Orthodox Church. One would also ask why a guru would want to collect all of these titles. After the incident of 2008, it is of big surprise that the German authorities or church still tolerate this sect, where sexual abuse happens.

V. as a bishop during a church service

There are cases of former male brahmacharis who still suffer spiritually and are traumatized after having seen V. in private. All of the cases show similarities. V. calls them often during the night to come over to massage him or spent time with him. Over a period of time he wins their trust, to then seduce, kiss, touch their genitals and eventually, against their free choice and will, has sex with them. It is important to understand that those individuals are young male God seekers (often new to spirituality) who are very naive acting out of respect to a guru who knows his ways. The state of brainwashed devotees of this organisation is shown in the example when some abused monks approached one of the Swamis at the ashram with a question. They asked the Swami why V. would have sex with them. This Swami responded something similar to the words that whatever a guru does is always for the better of the devotee. It shows the conditioned minds of a typical sect where a guru controls the minds and emotions of the followers, where freedom to choose and self-development are taken. After devotees decided to leave, they reported that V.'s psychic attacks and mind control on them have been almost worse than the rape itself, because it would happen on a regular base. Some still seek for healing and ways to get rid of his heavy spiritual influence on them.

Monks who have taken vows of celibacy in this sect don't know of the consequences. If you are a male Brahmachari, you are under this teacher's direct influence and therefore destined to have sex with him, especially if you are good looking. After a while in the ashram one will go through a brainwash and start worshiping this guru as god. V. builds up a connection with a monk who starts feeling a big dependency and control by him. This is very dangerous if you don't know of the true nature of a guru. It is very harmful, when a spiritual teacher starts abusing his devotees emotionally and psychically. It now comes again to light that V. is a tantric guru (Tantra is an ancient Hindu technique, often misused for sex unification) who constantly seeks gratification in sexual interaction with his monks and possibly other male guests. Many devotees described that V. has the ability to manipulate thoughts and emotions, and has done so to get his pleasures with them. This should be a warning to all and also a call to use discrimination.

Call to educate and start prevention work:
It is important to learn to differentiate between a real spiritual teacher who leads a life in purity and humility, and the so-called boda gurus (false spiritual teachers) who, e.g. try to accumulate followers for their own gain and glory. False gurus try to bind people by false promises and spiritual sensation. Once somebody is in it, it can be difficult to rid oneself from the control and influence of a false guru. It can be that they want your life energy, money or gratify their desires. Boda gurus attach followers to them and mislead them because they don't have divinely inspired intentions. Because of shame, fear or other reasons most of the former followers would stay silent, even though they were abused sexually. V. has clearly not respected the choice of individuals whose choice it was to leave and often keeps harassing them afterwards. It could be that you are not designed to lead a life of a monastic, but would be attached by this guru to follow him and become a monastic.

This article was written to educate you about possible wrong turns on your spiritual path and to keep you on the right track of your life journey. Don't follow spiritual teachers blindly and ask questions before committing. If you were considering to visit the ashram, don't take these words lightly and stay away from the ashram for your own safety and well-being. Find out for yourself, google and be informed about other cases. If you have experiences of your own, have courage and share them. It will help others to know the truth and stay safe.

Please SHARE the information with your family, friends and other spiritual groups.

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